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The state of Virginia offers several government websites that feature links to government forms, according to Virginia's Judicial System and Virginia Department of Taxation websites. Individuals can learn more about Virginia's state government through the Virginia.gov website.


John Smith and a group of men, who were sponsored by the Virginia Company of London, were the founders of the state of Virginia. This colony was founded in May of 1607, and Jamestown became the first permanent British settlement in North America. The colony was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.


Although the American foxhound is Virginia's state dog, the big-eared bat also was designated the official state bat in 2005. There are other animals, such as fish, insects and birds that are state symbols as well. For example, while the state bird is the cardinal, the state insect is the swallowtai


Virginia became a state on June 25, 1788, by ratifying the United States Constitution, written primarily by Virginian James Madison. Virginia was the 10th state to ratify.


The Virginia Colony, the first permanent English colony in North America, was founded to give Britain a foothold in North America, to Christianize Native Americans and to make money. Despite a terrible famine during the winter of 1610, it eventually accomplished all these goals to some extent.


The Blue Ridge Mountains are in Virginia and are part of the Appalachian system of mountains in the eastern part of North America. The Blue Ridge Mountains rise in southern Pennsylvania and continue southward beyond the Potomac River. The highest peak in the Virginia Blue Ridge is Hawksbill Mountain


Because Jamestown, Va., was the site of the first English settlement in the United States, the state is known as “the birthplace of a nation.” Virginia has a rich history, spanning from colonial times to the Civil War. As of April 2014, it is recognized for its excellent seafood.


As of 2015, Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are the U.S. Senators from Virginia. Senator Warner was first elected in 2008, while Senator Kaine won his first term in 2012.


Popular cities in Virginia include Alexandria, Williamsburg, Arlington, Richmond and Virginia Beach. Alexandria and Williamsburg both offer conveniences and a variety of amenities and features that make them popular residential locations and visitor destinations.


The biggest driver of the Virginian economy during colonial times was tobacco. Farming was the main industry in the colony, and while other crops, such as corn and grapes, were grown and harvested, tobacco became a key motivator of growth.