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Start the vinyl wrap process by preparing your car. Remove any mirrors and molding, plan your wrapping process beforehand, and stick on the vinyl. Finally, stretch it out, cut off the loose edges, and fix the seams.


To have custom vinyl wraps designed for a motorcycle contact a local custom graphics shop that specializes in vehicle wrapping or use an online vinyl shop such as SkinzWraps.com or BikeSkinz.com. Companies such as PowerSportsWraps.com offer do-it-yourself kits for specific bike models, as well as cu


Vinyl automotive graphics are available from the Automotive Aftermarket Warehouse, Custom Vinyl Graphics and CarStickers.com, as of 2015. Other sources for vinyl graphics include Decal Driveway and DecalFX.com.


Examples of sources for purchasing vinyl car stickers are Visual Vinyl, CarStickers.com and Decal Junky. Amazon.com and eBay are additional sources for buying vinyl car stickers.


Dedicated golf cart companies have the widest selection of vinyl wraps for golf carts; for example, they are available at GolfCarGraphics.com, PowerSportsWraps.com and Golf-Carts-Etc.com. Shoppers can also find pre-cut golf cart wraps on Amazon.com and eBay.com.


Vinyl tape is a type of tape characterized by a vinyl backing that may be finished with one or more types of plastics and features a rubber adhesive. Vinyl tape is sometimes referred to as electrical tape due to its usefulness in electrical applications.


The average cost of a full car wrap is around $2,600 and $1,600 for a partial car wrap. The exact cost of car wraps depends on the difficulty level of the job, type of graphics and the size of the car.


To apply a vinyl car window sticker, start by cleaning the window thoroughly using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner until the glass is completely free of dust, grime and small fibers. Remove the back of the decal, press the vinyl decal onto the glass, and secure it with painter's tape. Using the


Some styles of vinyl car stripes include single stripes, double stripes and tri-color stripes. There are also different specialty types of vinyl car stripes, including patterns and styles.


It is possible to paint vinyl siding with latex urethane paint intended for exterior use. A color the same shade or lighter than the existing siding color is best, as it reduces the risk of warping due to heat absorption.