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Determining the reason why the steering wheel is locked is the first step in repairing it, and somtimes repair is as simple as jiggling the wheel while turning the key. A locked steering wheel could be caused by dirt in the ignition, a bent or broken key or a damaged or broken ignition. Also, the ty


A steering wheel that does not turn is usually an indication the power steering assembly is malfunctioning. There are several components to a power steering assembly that must be checked to determine exactly where the problem resides.


Options for a heated steering wheel include buying a car with a heated steering wheel feature or buying a heated steering wheel cover. Popular cars with heated steering wheels include the 2015 Infiniti Q70, 2015 Ford Fusion Energi, 2015 Audi 6 and the 2015 BMW 7 Series.


Most experts in the antiques trade use the term "vintage" to refer to an item that is over 50 years old, though an increasing number are beginning to use the term for items exceeding 20 years of age. Any item over 100 years old is considered an antique. If a Hot Wheels track can be verified to be mo


The custom 1970 Ed Shaver AMX, 1995 collector number 271 Funny Car, 1968 custom Volkswagen without a sunroof and 1968 “Cheetah” Base Python are some of the most rare and valuable Hot Wheel cars of all time, according to Antique Trader magazine. Other cars of significant value include the purple 1971


When you remove the car key from the ignition, a steering lock engages to keep thieves from steering the car effectively if they hotwire it. However, sometimes the wheel is turned so that the car key cannot disengage the lock when the owner gets back into the car.


The steering wheel of a ship is called the "helm." The term "helm" is also used to indicate the area of the ship where the steering wheel is located.


Possible causes for a stiff steering wheel are a loose or damaged power steering belt, low power steering fluid levels, a damaged or leaking power steering rack or a broken power steering pump. Some of these issues are more prominent when the vehicle is slowing down; if this is the case, it should b


Some tips for restoring a damaged steering wheel include repairing it without removal, buying a kit for material restoration and disarming the airbag before any required removal. The most important tip for restoring a damaged steering wheel is deciding whether the wheel needs to be removed.


Obtain vintage wheel horse parts from dealers such as Antique-tractor-parts.steinertractor.com, Vintagewheelshubcapforsale.com and Repairclinic.com. These retailers feature a wide variety of vintage wheel horse parts for the buyer to browse and find the ideal part.