Vinegar kills fleas. Distilled white vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar are demonstrated effective at killing fleas on dogs and cats. One method is to add vinegar to a pet's drinking water. More »

Fleas are repelled by the taste, smell and acidity of vinegar. However, vinegar only repels the insects, it does not kill them. Pet owners often give their pets vinegar as a dietary supplement or use it as a spray to hel... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Fleas & Bedbugs

Kill fleas on cats at home by bathing your cat with citrus-based shampoos or lavender-, cedar- or eucalyptus-scented soaps. Groom the cat with a flea comb to work the parasites out from the skin. More »

Use vinegar to kill fleas by placing the flea-affected animal into a bathtub with warm water and adding 2 cups of vinegar to the bath. Use soap to create a lather on the animal's skin, and use the vinegar water to rinse ... More »

To eliminate fleas in outdoor areas, it is necessary to remove any debris that may provide shelter for the pests. Diatomaceous earth, nematodes and commercial insecticides can be used to remove adult fleas, while future ... More »

Remove household fleas by clearing any items on the floor so that you can treat the entire floor, and wash all pet bedding, disposing of any bedding you cannot effectively clean in hot water. Vacuum the floor thoroughly,... More »

Upon finding the fleas, wash all clothing immediately in hot water and detergent and take a warm shower with plenty of soap. Most fleas only go after people when their preferred hosts, primarily pets, are not present. More »