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Amy Grant Live was recorded in Fort Worth, Texas, at Bass Performance Hall. (Grant's first paid public performance was at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth.) The concert was released on September 26, 2006.


Vince Gill and Amy Grant married on March 10, 2000, and are still married, as of 2015. Both Vince and Amy were initially married to other people when they met. Vince and Amy met in the early 1990s when Amy was married to Gary Chapman and Vince was married to his wife since 1980, Janice.


Country music's power couple Vince Gill and Amy Grant pose for the cover of AARP the magazine and candidly discuss their separate paths to stardom, the battle to be together and how they stay "crazy in love".


Amy is serenaded by her husband Vince Gill who wrote this song about her initial effect on him. Enjoy!

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Vince Gill and Amy Grant married on March 10, 2000, and are still married, as of 2015. Both Vince and Amy were initially married to other people... Vince Gill and Amy Grant Discuss Separate Paths to Stardom


In 2017, Vince Gill and Deacon Frey were hired by the Eagles in place of the late Glenn Frey. Gill has been married to singer Amy Grant since March 2000. Early life. Vince Gill was born in Norman, Oklahoma. His mother had a son, Bob Coen, from a previous marriage. He was Gill's half-brother, but was considered a full brother by Gill. ...


Amy Grant lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She resides there with her husband, Vince Gill, and they have been married since 2011.


A few months later, Vince and Amy stepped out publicity as a couple and wed on March 10, 2000. photo: Vince Gill Facebook In a 1999 CCM Magazine interview, Grant shed light on the demise of her first marriage.”I didn’t get a divorce because ‘I had a great marriage and then along came Vince Gill’.


The scandal involving Janis Oliver and Vince Gill concerned the alleged affair that Vince Gill and a married Amy Grant had while Gill was still married to Oliver. Vince Gill divorced Janis Oliver and has been married to Amy Grant for 15 years, as of 2015.


For those of you who don’t keep up with country music gossip, Vince Gill and 80s Christian music sensation Amy Grant divorced their spouses and married one another in 2001. It was a scandalous pairing that rocked country music morality and sent Amy Grant’s Christian music fans into mourning for her very soul.