Birth certificates can be viewed on websites like or Be aware that results differ between states since many of them have not transferred their records online. More »

You can order copies of birth and death certificates online at, a company that provides vital records quickly and easily through its online order system. Click the link to the type of official document need... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Death Indexes is one place where a person can view death certificates online for free. To begin, search records by selecting the state in which the death certificate was created. More »

The Missouri government site has a public record section allowing users to search records such as arrest reports, birth and death certificates, and marriage or divorce records. Visitors of the site can also search a busi... More »

Birth certificates can be obtained by approaching the state or city public health department or the vital records department, depending on the area. Some municipalities may charge fees for issuing a birth certificate. More » Government & Politics Public Records

People can search for birth records through the search functions at FamilySearch, WorldVitalRecords or Typically, birth records contain children's names, sexes, birthdates and birthplaces. Additional detai... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Birth certificate numbers are given to children at birth as a means of identification. Birth certificate numbers are located and labeled on every birth certificate. These numbers are never changed, which is why some chil... More » Government & Politics Public Records