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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall was designed by Maya Ying Lin. Lin was the winner of a national design competition held by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, which ended on March 31, 1981.


The Vietnam War officially started in 1954 after Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh party rose to power in North Vietnam. The war ended in 1975 when communist forces invaded Saigon, ending in the unification of the country as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1976.


The Vietnam War began as a colonial conflict between the Viet Minh of Ho Chi Minh and the French administration that was seeking to regain control of Indochina after World War II. This conflict culminated in the French leaving Vietnam, the dividing of the country into two parts and the United States


As of May 2015, Vietnam is a Communist state run by a single Communist party. The head of state is the President, who is appointed by the National Assembly.


Young people in Vietnam often visit the Saigon Water Park, Saigon Sky Deck, Mekong Delta Fruit and Bee Farm and Cu Chi Tunnels. Other fun things to do include biking, fishing and boating on Cat Ba Island in the Ha Long Bay and the Ba V? mountain.


It is estimated that over 3 million people died during the Vietnam War. The majority of these deaths were civilians on both sides of the conflict, totaling over 2 million people.


Vietnam has a communist government that has one party while other countries like the United States have two or more political parties. Vietnam is also one of the few remaining countries that relies on a communist government.


The Vietnam War was fought in an attempt to stem the communist rule of Vietnam; it did not succeed in its objectives despite massive loss of life for both South and North Vietnamese and the United States, who stepped in to try and prevent Communist rule in the region. The Vietnam War formerly held t


The most popular sport in Vietnam is soccer, known as football to the local citizenry. Vietnamese people also engage in other sports, such as swimming, boxing, cycling, karate, tennis, judo and aerobics.


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall lists the names of those killed and missing in action in chronological order according to the date of casualty. Multiple casualties occurring on the same day appear in alphabetical order. The wall contains 58,307 names.