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As of 2013, there were approximately 7,391,000 living veterans who served during the Vietnam war. They are the largest group of veterans in the United States.


Vietnam veterans can always go to VA medical centers for treatment of disease. If they wish to go another route, such as a private practice or family doctor, they are free to do so.


Some facts about Vietnam veterans are that over 9 million military personnel served during the official Vietnam conflict, but only 2.7 million of these veterans were in Vietnam itself and surrounding conflict areas. Compared to the population of the United States at the time, Vietnam veterans made u


Vietnam Veterans of America offers information concerning veterans of the war. On its website, VVA.org, visitors can find information on various veteran communities and committees, learn about making VA claims and read several publications.


There is no single, definitive website that lists individual Vietnam veterans by their state of birth. However, many online resources are available for friends or family members trying to search for information on a Vietnam veteran.


Vietnam veterans may be eligible for a number of benefits, including pension, health care, education and training, insurance, home loans, vocational rehabilitation and employment, and burial. Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange may also qualify for disability compensation for disabilities cause


The Vietnam veterans were treated with disdain and were essentially shunned once they returned home from war. The veterans were seemingly blamed for what had happened in Vietnam until 1982 when the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was erected in Washington, D.C.


Approximately 9.2 million servicemen served in the United States military during the Vietnam War. As of 2013, about 75 percent were still alive. Of the 9.2 million, approximately 2.7 million of them served in Vietnam. The National Vietnam Veterans' Readjustment Study estimated 15.2% of male and 8.5%


A comprehensive list of Vietnam War veterans is impossible to obtain, but the Vietnam War section of Military Indexes is an excellent online resource for the information that is available. This site contains a directory of links to online records related to many historical conflicts, including Vietn


Of the 19.6 living U.S. veterans alive in 2013, 7 million served during the Vietnam War era. Of those 7 million veterans, nearly 176,000 served during both the Vietnam War and the Korean War, while close to 40,000 served during the Vietnam War, the Korean War and World War II.