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As traditional dress of Vietnamese, ao dai is worn by men and women. For women, the tunic is long and flowing with two flaps. For women, the tunic is long and flowing with two flaps. There is a wide range of patterns like flowers, birds, attractions, etc. Ao dai promotes all elegant and charming curve of Vietnam women.


Once referring to Vietnam, there will be an image of golden rice fields and lovely girls crosses your mind. And there is one thing that cannot be mentioned, that is the traditional costumes of Vietnamese people. Through the flow of history, Vietnamese traditional costumes can be listed as Ao Dai, Ao tu than (four-panel traditional dress), Ao Nhat Binh (Nhat Binh traditional dress), Ao ba ba ...


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ÁO DÀI, a Vietnamese traditional dress, or most well-known under the name áo dài, has always been one of the most iconic things when it comes to what could be representing Vietnam best.Consisting of a tight-fitting silk harmoniously accompanied by pants, áo dài has inherently been an elegant symbol of the Vietnamese in general and of the Saigonese in particular.


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The Vietnamese traditional dress, "Áo Dài", is one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses for women. It’s very simple, consisting of a close-fitting blouse, with long panels in the front and back, that is worn over loose white trousers. As a Vietnamese girl who loves to travel abroad, sometimes I bring an Áo Dài to travel with me.


Ao Dai - Vietnam traditional dress. 3. Nowadays. Thanks to the supporting of the government and famous designers, Ao dai becomes a symbol of Vietnamese femininity nowadays. Elegance and gracefulness are two words that appear in your mind if you see any girls in our traditional clothes.


Since Vietnam began developing its tourist industry in the late 1980s, a number of other images have become commonplace, such as farmers in conical hats, young boys playing flutes while riding on the back of buffalo, and women in ao dai , the long-flowing tunic that is regarded as the national dress.


Vietnam may have appeared to you like a traditional country in terms of clothes (Ao Dai), cuisine (Pho), or architecture (Imperial City of Hue).However, Vietnam is also a country with a wide range of traditional sports which benefit the players both physical and mental health such as human chess, dragon dance, etc.


Traditional Thai clothing, and what is understood to be traditional Thai clothing, is a really interesting topic with a somewhat unsuspected history. History of Thai Traditional Dress. In 1950, when H.M. King Bhumibol assumed the throne, along with his wife H.M. Queen Sirikit, much of the traditional Thai dress and costume had been lost to ...