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Extraordinary Courtship displays from these weird and wonderful creatures. From episode 1 "Pole to Pole".


Once a female bird is receptive to a mate, whether it is a new mate every breeding season or simply renewing ties with a life-long partner, the actual mating can take place.The positions and postures birds assume to mate can vary, but the most common is for the male bird to balance on top of the female. The female may hunch, lay down, or bow to give the male easier balance.


Animal Sex: How Birds Do It. By Elizabeth Palermo, ... fun — or to increase the chance of insemination — birds often have sex many times throughout the course of their mating period.


251 Best Mating Bird Free Video Clip Downloads from the Videezy community. Free Mating Bird Stock Video Footage licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!


Sage-Grouse Unique Mating Display Explained POV "Kittycam" Reveals These Stray Cats Prey on More Than Birds Hidden Bird "Tap-Dancing" Behavior Revealed in Slow-Motion Footage


Bees do it, and birds definitely do it—in all kinds of crazy ways. Here are nine birds and their mating rituals. 1. Frigatebird Wikimedia Commons Male frigatebirds have red kidney-shaped pouches ...


Courting & Mating. Courting: Birds court one another with dances, songs and building nests. Love’s a many splendored thing! From dancing to eating to nest building to singing, birds have many courtship rituals. And springtime is the most likely time for you spot some of these unique behaviors right in your own backyard.


A bird nerd rarely gets the girl. Just ask this avian Casanova-the manakin. There are over 50 species of this showy little bird, and they all go full out to court the ladies. At breeding time, the brightly colored males stake out a staging area called a lek-the bird equivalent of a singles bar. A branch serves as the dance floor.


10 bizarre and beautiful bird courtship dances Birds exhibit some of the most spectacular courtship rituals in the animal kingdom. Here's a sampling of the odd, the graceful, the awkward and the ...