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Victorian Era Toys and Games. by Nathan and Colby. During 1837-1901 was the Victorian Era was the years of Queen Victoria’s reign. From June 20, 1837, to her death on January 22, 1901. During this era, Children usually helped their parents in factories and sweatshops. ... “Victorian Toys and Victorian Games.” Victorian Children, www ...


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Toys And Games In The Victorian Era (History Homework)


Victorian marbles were usually made of glass or clay, although wealthier players had marbles made out of real marble! Tops and Jacks were Victorian games and toys that could be played either in a group, or just solo. The first rules for Badminton were written in India in 1873, and this game hasn't much changed.


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Toys with moving pictures became popular in the Victorian era. One of the first moving picture toys was the Thaumatrope. The Thaumatrope was made up of a card or disc with a picture either side of it, the disc was attached to two pieces of string on a stick, you move the stick really quickly between your hands and the two pictures become one, giving the illusion that the picture is actually ...


Victorian Era Kid’s Toys for the Rich and the Poor Even though many of the kids in the Victorian era had a rough life, they were still kids. They enjoyed playing just as I did when I was a child.


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Victorian Games. Here are the games that we at Masters Traditional Games regard as 'Victorian' in the sense that they were either popular during the late 1800s or were invented during the Victorian era.