Suggested by, vicious dog names include Diamondback, Fang, Force, Judge, Shiv, Vicious, Viper and Xena. A dog owner might want a vicious name for his dog because he purchased the dog for protection... More »

According to data from VPI pet insurance, the largest pet insurance company, the 10 most popular male dog names are Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Jack, Toby, Cody and Buster, as of 2015. The same 10 were the ... More »

Some male Labrador retriever names are Bruno, Bagheera, Rolo, Augustus and Alexander Keith. Different names are popular for chocolate labs, black labs and yellow labs. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Gus, Watson, Zeke, Jax and Dollar make good dog names. Some more ideal names are Arrow, Rafa, Dabby, Bangle and Tails, according to A few fun dog name ideas include Kada, Peanut, Haggis and Pluto. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

According to WebMD, owners, under the guidance of a veterinarian, can give dogs deworming agents with the brand names of Cestex, Droncit, Drontal Plus, Vercom Paste and Telmintic to destroy tapeworms within their intesti... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Some clever dog names that start with the letter "s" include "Sears," "Spago," "Shasta," "Sprite," "Sinatra," "Shaq," Swiffer" and "Seismic." Though finding a clever name for a dog can be fun, there are other guidelines ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Southern dog names are derived from names that come from the lower area of the United States. Some possibilities include Bocephus, Cooter and Scarlett. More »