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According to Amazon.com, Toshiba has two DVD and VHS combos, the DVR620 and the SD-V296. Both are discontinued as of 2015, but there are many options to purchase a used model on resale sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.


Buying a DVD/VCR combo unit saves space, since it is essentially two devices in one, and it lets the user control both devices using the same remote. In addition, there’s only one set of cables and cords with a combo unit, so it looks less cluttered in an entertainment center or on a shelf.


Tips for transferring VHS movies to DVD include reviewing the movies before beginning the process to identify chapter locations, checking the compatibility and requirements of the software, and calculating the total length of the VHS movies to purchase the appropriate number of blank DVDs. Depending


There are different ways to convert VHS to DVD, but a simple method is to connect the adapter to the computer and VCR and install the software. Convert the VHS to a blank DVD and burn the disc.


The Toshiba DVR620 DVD recorder VCR rombination, Hammacher Schlemmer DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination and Funai ZV427FX4 DVD recorder/VCR combo are some good DVD recorders and VCR combos. The Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK DVD recorder/VCR combo with HDMI and LG RC897T DVD recorder/VCR combination are also go


There are several ways to transfer the contents of a VHS tape onto a DVD, including the use of a VHS-DVD combo recorder. Two other methods involve using separate VHS and DVD players or choosing a paid service that deals in VHS-DVD conversions. The limited life span of VHS tapes is inevitably tied to


Converting a VHS protected by copyright into a DVD is a punishable form of copyright infringement, reports the U.S. Copyright Office. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that copyright owners can even sue companies for copyright infringement if they make devices capable of circumventing anti-copy technolog


Purchase flat screen television and DVD player combinations in-store or online from Wal-Mart and Kmart, as of 2016. Visitors to Walmart.com can purchase combination televisions from Walmart.com that are sold by the company itself, or that are sold and shipped by companies such as Entrotek, Beach Aud


Interested buyers of VHS tapes can avail of these products from e-commerce websites, such as Oldies.com and Half.com, which is an affiliated company of eBay. Both sites offer free shipping for orders amounting to a certain price.


As of 2015, Toshiba is the only manufacturer that sells DVD/VCR TV combo units. The Toshiba MW TV series comes in a variety of sizes and is available at select retail stores and primarily online.