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A dry, red or cracked tongue is a symptom of a general condition called "dry mouth," according to WebMD. Other symptoms of dry mouth include chapped or cracked lips and excessive thirst.


Dry white tongue causes include dehydration, drug side effects, environmental irritants, poor hygiene, tobacco or alcohol use, yeast infection, inflammation of the tongue, and consumption of spicy foods. People suffering from white tongue should drink plenty of water and try using a sea salt and wat


A dry mouth and tongue at night may be caused by certain types of medications, several medical conditions and breathing through the mouth while sleeping, as listed by About Health. Those experiencing mouth dryness should be evaluated by a health care professional to determine an exact cause.


Treatments for dry, white tongue vary depending on what is causing the issue, according to WebMD. If the dry, white tongue is caused by Leukoplakia, treatment can consist of discontinuing alcohol and tobacco use.


A white tongue and dryness of the mouth may be indications of conditions such as dehydration or oral thrush according to MedicineNet.com. Smoking, certain medications, and illnesses during which patients don't speak or eat for long periods also cause these symptoms.


Burning mouth syndrome, or BMS, causes a burning tongue and a dry mouth, according to MedicineNet. This condition can be a symptom of other conditions or have no known cause. The latter is known as primary BMS, the former as secondary BMS.


A condition called black hairy tongue, which is caused by excess yeast or bacteria growth in the mouth, can turn the tongue green as well as black, brown or yellow, according to WebMD. Dry mouth is one potential cause of the condition, indicates Mayo Clinic. Dehydration is also associated with both


Some remedies for a dry, rough tongue include taking a sip of water, breathing through the nose, adding moisture to the air and chewing sugar-free gum. Dry, rough tongue is a symptom of a condition referred to as dry mouth. This condition occurs when glands that make saliva do not function properly,


A white tongue can occur due to the invasion of fungi or bacteria on the tongue surface. This causes dead cells to be trapped within the nodules of the tongue.


Speaking in tongues, also called glossolalia, is the practice of making nonsensical, speech-like vocalizations; it is common in several Christian sects including Pentacostalism and Charismatic Christianity. Adherents believe that speaking in tongues is the manifestation of a sacred language made pos