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In 2003, scientists discovered a very large circular stone structure in the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It’s one of the strangest things uncovered from the bottom of the sea because its function remains a mystery to this day. The structure is made up of basalt rocks, and is twice the size of Stonehenge, weighing nearly 60,000 tons.


The aptly-named blobfish is now in danger of being wiped out. The bloated bottom dweller, which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 900m making it rarely seen by humans.


We know trash is everywhere on Earth, all the way from the top of Mount Everest to the very bottom of the ocean. Now, giant mounds of it are even washing up on the shores of otherwise pristine ...


Biogenous material is the sediment made up of the hard parts of sea animals that accumulate on the bottom of the ocean. 3.) Hydrogenous sediment is the dissolved material that precipitates in the ocean when oceanic conditions change, and 4.) cosmogenous sediment comes from extraterrestrial sources.


Even SpongeBob may not be able to tell us precisely where the bottom of the ocean is. It is an irony that we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about Earth’s ocean floor. 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. Very little or no light penetrates beyond a few hundred feet in water.


Sub Explores Ocean's Deepest Trench. ... "The team is pleased that Nereus has been successful in reaching the very bottom of the ocean to return imagery and samples from such a hostile world" said ...


The bottom of the ocean is a very important place for marine life. Just about 90% of all marine species live at least part of their life associated with the bottom. We call this mode of life 'benthic.' These species can be found in the intertidal, shelf, bathyal, abyssal, and hadal zones.


What is it like at the bottom of the trench? Freezing! Although the temperature at the surface of the ocean was 37°C, the temperature at the bottom of the trench was only 2°C. The bottom of the trench is so deep that the Sun's light and warmth cannot penetrate. It is pitch black and very cold. The pressure at the bottom of the ocean is very high.


Living on the Ocean Floor - footage recorded by Vincent Zintzen, Te Papa Fish Team, Natural Environment. Film recorded using a baited Lander in various locations and depths around NZ. The video ...