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There are many people who suffer from vertigo after flying. There are a lot of situations that may cause vertigo. One of the causes of vertigo is Airplane travel. In fact, many people are concerned about flying while they are dizzy. This is because they know they may feel more dizzy or suffer from vertigo attack after flying. Flying does two things; it may induce motion sickness and it may ...


I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who experiences vertigo after flying? I have been on 6 flights in the past 2 years with symptoms. I've flown a lot before and never had problem until about 2 years ago. After flying for 2 of those trips my symptoms were very severe totally ruining our vacations,


Europe - Dizziness for more than 24 hours after return from trip? Anyone experienced this? - Please don't chasten me for not consulting (504834)Europe - Dizziness for more than 24 hours after ...


Potential problems include motion sickness or increased dizziness. Flying on a large commercial airline with a pressurized cabin helps to reduce both problems. Over-the-counter medications also help to reduce symptoms. Doctors recommend individuals who suffer vertigo avoid flying when they have a cold, if possible.


alison griggs said: . I suffer with vertigo after flying usually comes on a day or two after the fligh but found ear plugs on the flight helped. Usually only got it for a day or less but didn’t wear any ear plugs when I flew in September this time I have had vertigo on and off daily since which is three months.


If you experience dizziness that includes a feeling of spinning or falling (vertigo) and your symptoms occur right after flying or diving, you need to be evaluated by a doctor immediately because there is a small chance you may need emergency ear surgery.


He then saw me for all of two minutes after that to announce I'd got some hearing loss in my left ear: "But I've seen worse", and promptly ejected me, refusing even to discuss the vertigo. I haven't had the bill yet, but at least I know the balance after the State insurance contribution won't come to more than about €50 (USD 53).


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Arnoult on can i fly with vertigo: Whatever the cause of vertigo, viral, pressure, temperature, etc. the symptoms are a sudden onset of nausea, sweating, vomiting, a feeling of spinning or dizziness. Pressure changes in an aircraft cabin can make these symptoms worse.


I'm just getting over this after flying back from Berlin on Saturday. For some reason, I feel less awful when walking or standing up ( I didn't notice the vertigo at all when walking to a cafe and watching the world cup), but the moment I sat down it was back. So I've been doing a lot of walking outside, and that helps.


Hello, folks. I have just returned from my flight. I flew to Asia due to my business there. I must admit that I felt serious vertigo after flying. This topic is answered by a medical expert.