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Vertical blinds are one of the most durable and low-maintenance blind products on the market. They operate on a heavy-duty sliding track system that is built to last for years. This simple track system is designed so that you can install it and the blinds all by yourself. All you need is a screwdriver and a pencil.


How to Install Outside Mount Vertical Blinds. If you measured for outside mount vertical blinds, follow these simple installation steps: From the point at the bottom of your window where your blinds will hang, measure up to the top of your window the length of the blinds you have ordered.


Use our simple installation instructions and videos to install your custom Bali Blinds and shades.


Easy step-by-step instructions on installing outside-mount vertical window blinds. ... Easy step-by-step instructions on installing outside-mount vertical window blinds. #TheHomeDepot # ...


From measuring your window to step-by-step installation instructions, our guides will help make sure you get the look and the fit you want. Installation Instructions Change Topic. How To Install ... Soft Vertical Blinds. Custom Soft Vertical Blind. Installation Instructions. Custom Soft Vertical Valance. Installation Instructions. Solar Shades.


How to Install Inside Mount Blinds or Shades. The installation process for inside mount blinds may vary slightly depending on your product. These general steps provide an overview for installing inside mount blinds, but always refer to the manufacturer instructions for details specific to your product.


Vertical Blinds are easy to install, in this short video you will learn to install them. A screwdriver is all that’s needed to install your blinds; or for an easier installation you can use a cordless screwdriver or a drill with a ¼” Hex head bit.


How to Install Custom Vertical Blinds Before you begin your installation: READ ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS! • Make sure that you have all tools and hardware needed for installation. • Check the installation surface (wall, ceiling, or window frame) to ensure that you have suitable fasteners and tools for the material. • Double check the ...


Installation Instructions for Vertical Blind In order to have an accurate installation it is necessary to follow these simple steps. 1. Tools needed Marker or pencil, measuring tape, screwdriver and screws (chose the best one for the job). 2. Bracket Installation (Before installing Brackets confirm with the chart below to see how many