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An interactive quiz covering Cervical Vertebrae through multiple-choice questions and featuring the iconic GBS illustrations. ... Quiz – Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy (C3 to C7) Start Quiz Retake Quiz. Related Articles. Tibia and Fibula Quiz: Posterior Markings. Tibia and Fibula Bones Quiz – Anterior Markings ...


From the author Can you pick the Spinal Vertebrae? A quiz to help myself and others study for anatomy The game ends when you get all 24 questions correct, or when you give up ;)


Vertebral Column And Rib Cage . ... Related Quizzes of Vertebral. Skull Parts And Vertebral Colum ; Med1- Vertebral Column & Ribs & Sternum Homework Video Quiz ; Anatomy: The Vertebral Column ; Lecture 1 - The Vertebral Column ; Vertebral Column Part 1 ; Featured Quizzes. FIFA Women's World Cup Trivia Quiz!


Vertebra Bones (Quiz 4) Iowa Park Anatomy and Physiology. For all Seniors in Coach Woods class perfect for the quiz. STUDY. PLAY. Terms in this set (...) Lumbar Body. ... Name this specific part of the lumbar vertebrae. Pedicle. Name this specific part of the lumbar vertebra. Pedicle. Name this specific part of the lumbar vertebra.


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Test your knowledge of the bones of the axial skeleton, the skull, the spine and the teeth with these free multiple-choice picture quizzes, and learn more about human anatomy. You'll find over 200 quizzes on the anatomy and physiology of the human body here; all free!


This article covers the anatomy of the cervical spine/vertebrae, such as nerves, ligaments, muscles, and injuries. Click now to learn more at Kenhub! ... Mixes exercises based on your unique learning history, and adds new structures about this topic. A personal quiz, just for you. Premium members only.


Your spine is made up of many bones. Called vertebrae, they’re ring-shaped and stacked on top of one another. Most people are born with 33, but by the time you reach adulthood, you’ll probably ...


This quiz on the bones of the body is for the spine and ribs. It will test your knowledge about the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and lumbar vertebrae, and the true, false, and floating ribs. I wanted to design this quiz for nursing students (and other healthcare students) who are taking Anatomy & Physiology this semester.


The vertebral column is a series of approximately 33 bones called vertebrae, which are separated by intervertebral discs.. The column can be divided into five different regions, with each region characterised by a different vertebral structure.. In this article, we shall look at the anatomy of the vertebral column – its function, structure and clinical significance.