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KFC specials and promotions can be found joining "The Colonel's Club," through KFC.com. Registrants of the club receive updates, specials and promotions via e-mail. Specials can also be found through coupons that may be delivered through the local mail or newspaper service.


KFC offers special deals called $5 Fill Ups. A $5 Fill Ups box contains a combination of the customer's choice of chicken, a side dish or dessert and a beverage. The KFC website offers four deals in this category, as of 2015.


The Kentucky Fried Chicken "mascot" is a picture of its founder, Colonel Sanders. Harland Sanders began cooking fried chicken in 1930 while running a service station in Kentucky.


KFC purchases its chicken from suppliers throughout the world. According to the company website, its parent company, Yum! Brands, developed an Animal Welfare Advisory Council to ensure the chickens it buys is treated humanely prior to being slaughtered.


According to statistics from Glassdoor, the average hourly rate reported for KFC team members is $7.63 as of 2014. This may vary based on geographic location, specific position held and longevity with the company.


KFC accepts online applications, and provides several ways to conduct career opportunity searches. Perspective applicants may search according to job category, by job keywords and by location.


For 2014, Kentucky Fried Chicken had a gross income of $4.37 billion, net income of $319 million and a total revenue of $19.33 billion, states Market Watch. The gross income is also referred to as gross profit or gross margin. KFC is a division of Yum! Brands, which is also the parent company for Pi


KFC’s 10-piece mixed grill meal is $19.99, as of 2015. KFC also offers eight-, 12-, 16- and 20-piece family meals with sides and biscuits or chicken-only meals.


Kentucky Fried Chicken publishes its menu online on its website, KFC.com. The website offers separate menus for the chain’s chicken, sandwiches, meals, $5 Fill Ups and sides. It also offers separate menus for KFC classics, desserts, drinks and sauces.


In general, Kentucky Fried Chicken does not list chicken specials online; customers can sign up for the Colonel's Club, which requires website visitors to enter their email address to receive email promotions. To receive KFC deals through the Colonel Club, click the list tab from the top left of the