Many users can keep their existing phone numbers when switching to Verizon, though the company states that a variety of factors can prevent a number from being ported. The Verizon website allows a user to see if her phon... More » Technology Mobile

The phone number for Verizon Wireless customer service is 1(800) 922-0204 for customers who have a Verizon Wireless subscription plan. For those with prepaid phones, the customer service number is 1(888) 294-6804. More »

The Customer Service phone number for Verizon Wireless customers in the United States 800-922-0204, and the phone number for Verizon prepaid customers is 888-294-6804. Customers can also dial *611 from their mobile phone... More » Technology Mobile

One method for changing your Verizon Wireless mobile phone number is through the Change Mobile Number page of your My Verizon account, which allows you to select a number according to your area code. It is also possible ... More »

As of April 2015, the 24-hour automated customer service phone number for Verizon is 800-922-0204 for subscribers and 888-294-6804 for prepaid users. Up-to-date phone numbers and contact information for Verizon is availa... More »

A Verizon cellphone can be activated on the company's website by providing the device's ID number. This number, either an IMEI, ESN or MEID, can often be found within the device settings on the phone itself. More » Technology Mobile

There is no actual phone number for Verizon's general human resources department. However, to prove that someone worked at Verizon, an individual can contact the work-verification phone number at 1-800-996-7566. More »