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We reserve the right to disqualify you from participation in the My Rewards+ program (and to invalidate all rewards) if we determine that you have violated the program rules, terms or conditions. Your My Rewards+ status will be considered inactive if you do not redeem Points at least once within each 12 month period.


Verizon Up is the Verizon Wireless rewards program that gives you rewards you want—from tech to dining to stage-side concert and sports experiences. And, enjoy Bonus Rewards, and Local Offers – surprises, extras and discounts. Am I eligible for Verizon Up?


How to redeem REWARDS POINTS for on-demand movies? ... I think that not being able to redeem rewards points via the app qualifies as an app problem but I guess I'm wrong. 1 Kudo ... The only way I've gotten it to work EVER is if I log into the Verizon website on my computer, then redeem my points on the website for a movie. Then when I go to ...


And the great thing about Verizon's Reward Points is that if you've been away from home and not realize that your 20,000 points expire, well you snooze, you lose. Called the help line to ask about this and was told they send out a quarterly statement telling you when they're going to expire.


Best rewards. Join Verizon Up and prepare to get rewarded every single month. Look out for cool stuff like apparel, tech and food—sometimes dropping weekly, even daily. Plus, we’ve got freakout-worthy concert and sports experiences coming your way.


As to a good value for points you redeem, it cost you NOTHING to accrue those points. I recently purchased a pair of shoes from Zappos for $200. I COULD have purchased 2 x $100 GC from Verizon rewards program @ $90 each for a total of $180. That would have saved me $20 off the purchase of those shoes.


I have NEVER been able to redeem Verizon Up awards. I currently have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited reward. When I click on it to "Use" it takes me to an Amazon page that has nothing on it. VERY Frustrating. I have tried it several times at different points with the same results.


Earlier this year I finally found something that I could redeem my Verizon Smart Rewards points for that didn’t also require a cash component: magazine subscriptions. At the time there was only a handful of magazines you could redeem for, including the Wall Street Journal.


In order to access the Samsung storefront, you must always select Redeem Now in your My Verizon account on your computer or tablet, or access the My Fios App on your Smartphone. Once you select Redeem Now, you will be linked to the special Verizon and Samsung online store to select or claim your reward.


Verizon Up Review. Direct Link / FAQ. On August 1, 2017, Verizon rolled out a new rewards program called Verizon Up. This is part of the ‘thank your customers’ competition which started with T-Mobile Tuesday’s and then AT&T Thanks.. The idea is to simplify the older, bloated Verizon rewards program called Verizon Smart Rewards which some people didn’t find smart or rewarding.