To explore the coverage area for Verizon Wireless, visit and type "Coverage Map" in the search box located in the upper-right portion of the webpage. Alternatively, visit any Verizon Wireless store an... More » Technology Mobile

Locations of Verizon cell towers are available from, and Sites such as provide coverage maps for Verizon cell service in addition to tower locations. More » Technology Mobile

The Federal Communications Commission website contains lists of registered antenna structures across the United States, including cell towers. Alternatively, combines a list of FCC-registered towers wit... More » Technology Mobile

To find a Verizon Wireless coverage map for Oregon, navigate to, click on the Check Your Coverage button, click on the Find a Detailed Coverage Map of Your Area button, type Oregon in the State field,... More » Technology Mobile

To read a Verizon Wireless coverage map, visit and select the Why Verizon link on the homepage. The coverage map offers information on nationwide coverage regarding 4G LTE and data reception. More »

As of October 2015, Verizon Wireless offers broad voice and data coverage throughout the United States. While coverage is available in each state, areas within many states lack high-speed 4G LTE service. More » Technology Mobile

As of May 2015, you can create a customized family plan from Verizon Wireless at the company's website, To finalize the plan, you can contact or visit your local Verizon Wireless store. More » Technology Mobile