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Verizon's two-line plan costs $100 as of March of 2015, just like T-Mobile's two-line plan, yet Verizon offers only 6 GB of data compared to T-Mobile's unlimited data plan, making T-mobile the better plan. Both plans offer unlimited talk and text.


Verizon Wireless offers prepaid data plans as well as customizable monthly plans, including the More Everything and Verizon Edge plans. Verizon also offers data plans for businesses, single lines, international travel and citizens over 65 years of age.


Verizon Edge is a program that allows customers to spread the cost of a mobile device over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. Participants also have the chance to upgrade to a new device faster than the standard Verizon plan.


Verizon's 65 plus plan is a cheaper mobile plan for less minutes and data available exclusively to customers aged 65 or older. As of 2015, the plan starts at $29.99 for 200 anytime minutes with pay as you go text messaging and data.


Verizon Wireless offers a variety of data plans that range in price from $45-$245 for up to 8 gigabytes of data. Plans are offered as prepaid or multi-year contracts.


As of 2015, The Verizon Edge phone payment plan is a way to purchase a mobile device without paying the full price of the device up front. The plan features monthly payments, faster upgrades and fewer fees.


A Verizon Freedom plan is a residential local and long distance plan for land-line telephones. These plans include unlimited local, regional and domestic long-distance calling for a single monthly fee, but they are not available to business customers.