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Typically a state or federal issued identification such as a driver's license, state-issued identification card, military identification card or passport is sufficient to verify identity. In some cases, a student identification card may be acceptable, but this is not always guaranteed.


As of 2012, ways to protect your identity include credit monitoring, using a smart card and adding protective measures to your smartphone. Since identity theft has become so difficult to accurately detect, it usually results in high costs to consumers who become victims.


Prospective employers verify previous work history by contacting past employers and asking standard verification questions regarding dates of employment and type of position held. Employment verification can be done internally or outsourced to a qualified company.


Apple ID verification happens immediately after creating the ID or after updating certain personal information via a verification email. This email contains a unique link that Apple uses to confirm the email address on file belongs to the owner of the ID.


Banks and lending agencies utilize different processes to verify bank accounts, but a common method involves small electronic deposits, as detailed by Scottrade, Lending Club and Square. These financial institutions make a deposit into your bank account, and you must confirm the transaction amount t


People construct their identity through internal processes or by belonging to a group, and combined with a person's preference to a type of control, they can be defined by four distinct identity types: leader, follower, independent and drifter. In the general field of social sciences, identity can b


A professional identity is the image a person has based on the way she performs a job or operates within a career field. It is often compared to a brand identity, which is a company's public image. A distinct professional identity is often helpful in building a successful career.


Team identity refers to the phenomena of individual team members who feel a positive attitude towards, and identify with, their team. When team members achieve team identity, they put the needs of the team before their own.


One's national identity refers to the sense of belonging one has to a state or a nation, or a sense of solidarity one feels with a particular group without regard to one's actual citizenship status. This is not a trait with which people are born; rather, experiences from the common waystations of pe


Having a sense of identity is important because it allows people to stand out as individuals, develop a sense of well-being and importance, and fit in with certain groups and cultures. Many cultures and societies place great value and significance on certain items, which hold symbolic meaning and ga