A Drug Enforcement Administration license number cannot be verified, but requesting to see a copy of the official DEA registration certificate provides satisfactory proof of licensing, according to the DEA's Office of Di... More »

Though the DEA does not release information such as a specific doctor's DEA number, there are ways to verify if a physician is licensed with the DEA and obtain other relevant information. More »

The medical boards of most states provide license verification tools that allow verification of license status by license number or by the physician's full name. The American Medical Association offers an online physicia... More »

It is possible to renew a Drug Enforcement Administration registration by submitting a renewal application online through the DEA website, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Diversion Control. Obt... More »

Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, numbers are not accessible to the public. However, other current DEA registrants may look up physicians and pharmacists to verify DEA numbers on the DEA's Diversion Control Program websit... More »

The Office of Diversion Control requires valid and active state medical and controlled substance licenses or registrations to renew a DEA registration, according to its website. The current DEA number, the name of the ap... More »

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In order to obtain a DEA license, you must fill out a registration form, as well as pay the associated fee. The information required includes background information and identification. More »

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