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Because Venus is very bright! ... It appears bright to us only because of its nearness to Earth. It’s only about a light-second away, in contrast for several light-minutes for Venus.


When Venus is at its brightest as seen from Earth (near greatest elongation), it is the brightest celestial object in the sky other than the Sun and Moon Venus appears to be very bright in our sky at certain times because


Venus is one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Venus is so bright because its thick clouds reflect most of the sunlight that reaches it (about 70%) back into space, and because it is the closest planet to Earth.


From Earth, Venus appears to be very bright because its surface is so hot that it glows. T or F. True. Clouds on venus contain carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and sulfric acid. T or F. True. Venus has more volcanoes than any other planet in the solar system. T or F. False.


2.Venus appears to be very bright in our skies at certain times because. A. even though its surface is very dark, it is relatively close to the Sun. B. it is glowing from the heat of its surface, where the temperature is 750 K. C. its rocky surface is shiny, like the surface of new volcanic lava.


The bright planet Venus can be easily seen from Earth, and in telescope views it has phases just like the moon. Here's how to see the phases of Venus.


The two brightest planets in the sky are Venus and Jupiter. Venus is very bright for two reasons: it’s the closest planet to us in its orbit, and its clouds reflect a lot of the light that reaches it from our sun. Jupiter is very bright because it’s enormous, and its clouds reflect a lot of light that reaches it.


Why Is Venus so Bright? Venus is one of the brightest objects in the night sky because the thick clouds that surround the surface reflect most of the light that reaches it. Another reason Venus appears so bright is due to the fact that it is the closest planet to the Earth.


Venus appears very bright because? Venus is covered by a thick layer of clouds Venus is hot and emits large amount of radiation ... Why does Venus appear so bright to the eye? More questions. Why does Venus appear so bright to the eye? How bright would Venus and Earth appear from Mercury? Answer Questions.


The only reason Venus looks bright to us is not because it has it's own light, but because it reflects light from the Sun. It's the same thing for Mercury. So, both Mercury and Venus appear bright ...