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Venturi Flow Meter. Venturi flow meters, commonly just referred to as Venturi meters, are used to measure the flow rate of fluids in a wide range of applications. While plumbing applications tend to be the most popular, Venturi meters can be used in applications that involve water, propane, oil and even gaseous fluids.


The Venturi Model SSL (Classical Venturi Design) is a Hershel/Classical design differential pressure flow device. The Venturi flow meter restricts the flow at its throat, increasing the velocity of the fluid, and measures the pressure difference of the unrestricted flow and restricted flow. The meter's throat can be designed to meet the flow measurement application optimizing the mete...


The CV Venturi Flow Meter is a differential pressure element de signed to accurately measure the flow of liquids and gases by forcing the flow into a smaller diameter section of pipe, then measuring the pressure differences between the unrestricted flow and the restricted flow.


The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid ... as in various flow measurement devices such as venturi meters, venturi nozzles and orifice plates. Referring to the adjacent diagram, using Bernoulli's equation in the special case of steady, incompressible, inviscid flows (such as the flow of water or other liquid, or low speed flow of gas ...


When designed and installed correctly, a venturi flow meter will provide you with years of reliable flow measurement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a design engineer, contractor, or plant in plant maintenance, understanding what a proper venturi flow meter installation should look like is something you should know.


Flow meters, switches, transmitters. Series VFLO ±2.5% Accuracy, Dual Scale in SCFM & in w.c. Venturi Flowmeter with Magnehelic® Gage is fabricated from aluminum and has a gradual Venturi profile to reduce pressure losses through the meter.


Flowmeters and Turndown Ratio - Rangeability - Turndown ratio for flow measurement devices like orifices, venturi meters etc. Orifice, Nozzle and Venturi Flow Rate Meters - The orifice, nozzle and venturi flow rate meters use the Bernoulli Equation to calculate fluid flow rate using pressure difference through obstructions in the flow


This provides a 10 to 1 turn-down in a Venturi's flow range, For example: If a Venturi is designed for a maximum flow of 50 SCFM, approximately 5 SCFM would be the lowest value readable but there are compromises. See Instrumentation for a detailed discussion on instrumenting venturi flowmeters and how to maximize the measurement accuracy.


BIF specializes in the design and supply of venturi meters, rate-of-flow controllers and specialized venturi configurations. These venturi flow meters are utilized to measure fluids such as cold water, hot water, gases such as nitrogen hydrogen and helium, and many other specialty fluid processes.


The Series VFLO Venturi Flowmeter with Magnehelic® Gage is fabricated from aluminum and has a gradual Venturi profile to reduce pressure losses through the meter. Flowmeter can be used in a vertical or horizontal position just by rotating the Magnehelic® gage.