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The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a ... as in various flow measurement devices such as venturi meters, venturi nozzles and orifice plates. Referring to the adjacent diagram, using Bernoulli's equation in the special ... Venturi tubes are also used to measure the speed of a fluid, by ...


The flow nozzle, like the venturi meter, has a greater flow capacity than the orifice plate and requires a lower initial investment than a venturi tube, but also provides less pressure recovery. A major disadvantage of the venturi nozzle is that it is more difficult to replace than the orifice unless it can be removed as part of a spool section.


Equations for Venturi Flow Meter Top of Page The calculations on this page are for a Classical Venturi Tube carrying a liquid as described in ISO (1991) and in ASME (1971) . The ISO reference has a more complete discussion of venturi tubes than the ASME reference, so the ISO equations are used in our calculations.


With proper instrumentation and flow calibrating, the Venturi Tube flowrate can be reduced to about 10% of its full scale range with proper accuracy. This provides a Turn Down Rate 10:1. Note that the manometry for a venturi tube or orifice should be installed below the hydraulic grade line or pipe. Orifice, Nozzle and Venturi Meters; Flow Nozzles


Amity Flow has served the flow measurement industry since 1973 and built a solid reputation of fabrication expertise as well as design and technology innovations. We produce Amity Venturi Meters designed with state-of-the-art technology in order to minimize pressure loss and achieve unique wide-range metering accuracy.


Venturi flow meters get their name from the Venturi effect, which occurs when a fluids pressure is reduced due to flowing through a constricted pipe. Venturi flow meters themselves are made up of a number of different components, but perhaps the most important is the Venturi tube which causes the Venturi effect.


A Venturi requires two pressure and one temperature measurement to accurately determine flow. The first pressure is measured at the Venturi's upstream location, P 1 . This is used for the density calculation and the high side input to the differential pressure measurement.


Venturi tube, short pipe with a constricted inner surface, used to measure fluid flows and as a pump.The 18th–19th-century Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi, observing the effects of constricted channels on fluid flow, designed an instrument with a narrow throat in the middle; fluid passing through the tube speeds up as it enters the throat, and the pressure drops.


The Venturi Model SSL (Classical Venturi Design) is a Hershel/Classical design differential pressure flow device. The Venturi flow meter restricts the flow at its throat, increasing the velocity of the fluid, and measures the pressure difference of the unrestricted flow and restricted flow. The meter's throat can be designed to meet the flow measurement application optimizing the mete...


Daniel Daniel Venturi Tubes Corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance free, Daniel™ Venturi Tubes are an ideal flow measurement solution for non-viscous fluids that contain hydrocarbons and other potentially corrosive elements, including LNG. This low-pressure metering device provides constant accuracy, greater capacity, high-pressure recovery and minimal permanent pressure loss and is ...