A Venturi meter is a flow measurement device, commonly utilized in the water supply industry. A Venturi meter specifically uses a converging section of pipe to increase flow velocity. A corresponding reduction in pressur... More »

Water companies may read the meter as often as every month or as infrequently as every year or two. In general, larger water companies may choose to take readings at six-month or yearly intervals, but small companies rea... More »

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Reading a straight-read water meter involves locating the meter and looking at the numbers with the white background. Multiply these numbers by 100 or 1,000 to find the amount of water used in cubic feet or gallons, resp... More »

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A Venturi pump uses the kinetic energy in a fast-moving fluid to move another liquid or semi-liquid substance. These pumps are abundant in sewage treatment plants because they reliably move large volumes of thick, hetero... More »

The water flow though a pipe is measured by using a mechanical flow meter. These work through positive displacement, where the volume of water flowing though in a given amount of time is measured. Domestic areas typicall... More »

A force meter is a device comprising a hook and spring that measures force. The standard international unit of force is the newton. More »

A 1-inch PVC pipe handles 58 gallons of water a minute at a peak velocity flow of about 18 feet per second. This is equivalent to 3,510 gallons per hour. More »