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At sea level, the partial pressure of oxygen should be between 75 and 100 millimeters of mercury, and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide should be between 38 and 42 millimeters of mercury, notes MedlinePlus. The oxygen saturation of the blood should be between 94 and 100 percent.


The best way for home or business owners to calculate natural gas rates is to use a rate calculator provided by companies such as South Jersey Gas, GasGeorgia and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. The cost of gas and gas service can vary from one service provider to another so it is very difficult to us


The amount of gas available for mixing determines the calculated amount of oil required. Consult the manual for the manufacturer's preferred gas-to-oil ratio for its equipment. Convert the gas from gallons into ounces, since two-cycle oil is calibrated in ounces. Divide the ounces of gas by the manu


Online gas conversion calculators are available from Rigzone.com, Natgas.info and the website for Delek energy. Users can make conversion calculations on these calculators for free.


A gas calculator, such as one provided by the American Automobile Association (AAA), can be used for a trip to estimate the amount of gas used and total cost based on the United States current average. Users enter their starting destination, ending destination and information about their car to view


Gas mileage is calculated by dividing the number of miles traveled by the number of gallons of gasoline it took to travel those miles. To get an accurate figure, reset the car's trip meter to zero immediately after filling the car up, then do the calculation at the next refill.


Gas cost can be calculated using the miles per gallon and fuel cost at stations along the road, should a refuel be necessary in the middle of the trip, using the mileage as a basis. Websites like FuelEconomy.gov help with calculating this cost without any lengthy research.


The manufacturer of engines that require a mixture of gasoline and oil calculates the correct ratio of gas to oil, which varies widely. The operator’s manual usually indicates the correct ratio for that engine, or the owner can obtain this information from the retailer or manufacturer.


Calculating the gas mileage of a vehicle can be done either by filling a tank and then manually tracking the distance traveled after filling up, or by resetting the car's trip meter and tracking the distance traveled using that filled tank.


In the strictest sense, blood that is being carried toward the heart is venous, while blood being carried away from the heart is arterial, according to Dictionary.com. However, with the exception of the blood carried by the pulmonary arteries and veins, blood in the arteries also carries more oxygen