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The Republic of Venice (Italian: ... Forza straordinari (extraordinary force), the mercenary part of the army; Venetian galleys tended to employed thirty mercenary crossbowmen. With the rise of scutage, it became the dominant element of the Venetian military. Heraldry.


The Morean War (Italian: Guerra di Morea) is the better-known name for the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War.The war was fought between 1684–1699, as part of the wider conflict known as the "Great Turkish War", between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire.Military operations ranged from Dalmatia to the Aegean Sea, but the war's major campaign was the Venetian conquest of the Morea ...


The military history of the Republic of Venice covers a period from the 8th century to the 18th century and includes a variety of conflicts.. The Republic of Venice first rose as a major military power through participation in the Fourth Crusade, where Venetian troops were among those effecting the conquest of Constantinople.Venice then fought a protracted series of wars with Genoa and Pisa ...


Venetian military hierarchy explains the ranks of Venetian military in a specified ladder on the basis of authority provided to each rank. Venetian was referred as the Republic of Venice (Repùblica de Venesia), a state that was originated from modern day city of Venice in Italy.


At the approach of the French army, already on 12 May 1796, the Venetian Senate had created a provveditore generale for the Terraferma, with the task of overseeing all magistrates in its mainland territories (the reggimenti).However, the state of Venetian defences was parlous: arms were lacking, and the fortifications were in disrepair.


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28mm Venetian army Here is a picture of the beginnings of my Venetian force, which is going to be this years project for my personal collection. All the figures above are from perry miniatures European armies range. A mix of plastic and metals miniatures, With the odd metal Italian head on a plastic body. I had great fun painting these and they ...


The Albanians managed to inflict 2,500 casualties on the Venetian force, capturing 1,000. Skanderbeg's army suffered 400 casualties, most on the right wing. The Venetian presence in Albania was weakened and the garrisons in the cities were stretched thin. Skanderbeg retreated from the area to fight off an Ottoman invasion.


The Venetian army was defeated in an attempt to come to the aid of Mantua, which was under siege by German troops, and Mantua itself was savagely sacked. The peace which recognized Charles of Gonzaga-Nevers as duke of Mantua and Monferrato was made practically without Venice's participation. War brought plague in 1630.


Battle of the Oinousses Islands The battle took place near Oinousses Islands in 9 February 1695. It is part of Sixth Ottoman-Venetian war. In the long struggle to incorporate Greek mainland and ...