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Sometimes a chameleon just refuses to eat. This is normal, sometimes the chameleon just does not feel its best or something happened that temporarily causes it to refuse to eat. You should not worry about this. A chameleon can easily handle two or three days of not eating anything without harmful effects. Just be sure that it does drink.


From the pictures you posted ZeeBee looks like a panther chameleon to me. Veiled chameleons have a nice casque on their head. If it is a panther there is a different way to sex them, you look at the base of their tale near their "rump" and if there is a bulge it is a male, even if it is the slightest little bump it is a male.


Your Chameleon - Name: Snip Species: Veiled Chameleon, Female, unknown age. She was given to me as a gift in January of 2017. Handling – Handled regularly. Often sleeps in my hands or the pocket of my hoodie. Feeding – Mealworms mainly up until 2 weeks ago. Started feeding crickets, hornworms, and occasional wax worms.


Chameleon not eating well. Please advice. - Answered by a verified Reptile Expert ... My Veiled Chameleon has not been eating or drinking lately, and have tried everything I can think of, is there anything that could help. ... Hi my veiled chameleon has sores on her body and her spine is covered in brown. I called the vet to take her in, but ...


Be wary of wild-caught insects due to possible exposure to pesticides and always avoid feeding a lizard ants or fireflies. All insects should be gut loaded. Many veiled chameleons will also eat a bit of plant matter so it is vital that only non-toxic plants are used in your chameleon's enclosure.


I'm a new chameleon owner and don't see my veiled eating. I have been offering crickets dusted with calcium. The Chams enclosure is open air, 16x16x30tall with a 100 watt basking light and 5.0uvb bulb at the top. I have a drip and he is drinking water every time I see him. I also have a pothos in the bottom and mist the cage 3-5 times daily.


The pyramid is a guide to feed your veiled chameleon. You do not have to follow the schedule exactly (see special considerations). It is based off of research on the macronutrient and calcium requirements of various types of reptiles outlined in the Merck Veterinary Manual as well as individual scientific studies about wild veiled chameleon diets.


I've had my Veiled Chameleon Reptar for 8 months and i just started to feed him meal worms around easter weekend. He ate them up and seemed to like them better than the crickets. But for three days he hasn't eaten anything,I've become very worried. Normally when I go to take him out he will hiss at me but since he hasn't been eating he wont even open his mouth.


Prices for veiled chameleons range from $40 to $250, depending on the age, sex, lineage and morph of the chameleon. Veiled Chameleon Size. Adult male veiled chameleons may reach a total length of 2 feet, and females can attain approximately 18 inches, making the veiled chameleon one of the larger chameleon species seen in captivity.


The first thing to do is put on your detective hat and figure out why your pet has gone off feeding. The reasons for not eating are wide ranging from harmless to dangerous. So when you notice your chameleon changing habits let’s do a quick physical check. 1) Weight. It is a good idea to weigh your chameleon on a gram scale weekly.