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Some of the most popular vehicle makes and models include the Ford F-Series pickups, Toyota Corolla and Honda CR-V. As of 2015, the Ford F-Series line has been the United States’ best-selling vehicle for 33 years in a row. Due to changes in market trends, the more recen...


The gross combined weight rating of a vehicle is the maximum amount of weight it can carry and tow. This includes the weight of the vehicle, the weight of any passengers and cargo in the vehicle, plus the weight of any trailer and cargo towed behind the vehicle.


There are many websites that offer auto parts lists which allow users to search by the year, make and model of a vehicle. A couple of these websites include the Vehicle Parts Database and Show Me the Parts.


Henry Ford brought out his first car, the Model A, in 1903, the same year that the Ford Motor Company was incorporated. Introduced in 1908, the Model T was said to have put the world on wheels.


Vehicle models the Jeep company makes include the Compass, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Patriot and Wrangler. Other models the company makes include the Wrangler Unlimited and Renegade.


A late-model vehicle is defined as any passenger motor vehicle from one of the six previous model years, according to Michigan's scrap title law. A vehicle over 8,000 pounds is considered a late model if it was manufactured in the last 16 years. In general, a later mode...


Almost no new vehicles, with the exception of some electrically powered scooters such as the Razor E-series, retail for less than $500 new. However, many used cars from a range of models sell for less than $500 dollars, according to automotive site Jalopnik.