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Make a simple, delicious mushroom gravy by combining mushrooms, stock, herbs, wine and butter together in a saucepan. Make vegetarian or vegan mushroom gravy with substitute ingredients. Common herbs include sage, thyme and rosemary, which create an aromatic gravy suitable for mashed potatoes, meat


To make a simple mushroom gravy, saute 8 ounces of sliced cremini mushrooms with 1 chopped shallot until soft and golden. Add in 3/4 cup chicken stock and simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and stir in 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of finely chopped herbs.


Food Network and Chow.com have simple and easy to follow recipes for brown mushroom gravy. Food Network's recipe pairs it with a Salisbury steak, while Chow.com's pairs it with meatloaf.


A recipe for roux gravy on turkey, mashed potatoes and rice includes oil, butter and flour, or fat drippings and flour. A simple formula per cup of gravy is 2 tablespoons of fat, 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 cup of a liquid such as heavy cream, milk or broth.


Cooking Light offers a quick and easy gravy recipe. It only requires chicken broth, flour, butter, poultry seasoning, and salt and pepper. The Food Network and Real Simple also feature easy gravy recipes.


The easiest vegetarian recipes are for raw vegetable salads, which just require chopping a range of favorite produce and tossing it with seasoning and a dressing such as a simple olive oil and vinegar mix. Many hot recipes are also easy, such as vegetarian chili, pizzas and stir fries.


Recipes for white gravy are available at the Betty Crocker and Food Network websites. White gravy, often referred to as country gravy, includes flour, beef fat, all-purpose flour, milk, and salt and pepper. It complements breakfast sausage and country-fried steak and is used in biscuits and gravy.


Highly-rated mushroom recipes include a mushroom Parmesan recipe by Giada De Laurentiis from Food Network, and a mushroom soup recipe by Anthony Bourdain from Epicurious. The mushroom Parmesan recipe calls for portobello mushrooms, while the mushroom soup recipe makes use of button mushrooms.


One easy recipe using mushrooms is a cream of mushroom soup. The ingredients are 8 ounces of fresh mushrooms, 2 tablespoons of chopped onions, 2 cups of chicken broth and either 1 cup of light cream or 1 cup of evaporated milk.


For beef gravy, organize roughly 5 pounds of chuck roast, 1 large red onion, 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour and 1/4 cup of cider vinegar. Reserve the pan juices created by the roast and thicken it over a medium-low heat to the desired consistency.