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This is a resource centre for learning about Vegemite from its humble beginning in 1922. Read about how Vegemite was invented by Fred Walker and Cyril callister. The Vegemite time line is arranged in decades that bring to life the challenges and the changing times for Vegemite in Australia.


VEGEMITE contains B1, B2, B3 and folate. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and active lifestyle. VEGEMITE, the VEGEMITE device, the VEGEMITE trade dress, VEGEMITE CHEESYBITE and device, HAPPY LITTLE VEGEMITES and TASTES LIKE AUSTRALIA are trade marks of Bega Cheese Limited.


Vegemite is not easy to find in the US, but you can still obtain it, especially if you live near a large city with an international population. I have not tried to find it near New York, but I am sure that I will if I try hard enough, and perhaps now I will.


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Best Answer: Hi J, I just saw your question and if you can't find a place to buy Vegemite in the United States then please let me post you some. "My treat" I am a happily married Mum with three kids and we all grew up eating Vegemite on toast or on fresh warm crusty bread. It wouldn't be Australian of me if ...


Vegemite may be found in the US in stores selling imported products, but can be difficult to find. This led to an urban legend that the US had banned the selling of Vegemite because it contained folate or folic acid as an additive. The Food and Drug Administration has no plans, nor did it ever plan, to ban sales of Vegemite.


*Vegemite, long US owned, recently changed in some subtle way. That and their disgusting “CheesyMite”, by addition of processed liquid cheese substitute. On tomato sauce, US interests also bought up another Aus flagship brand. Putting it in a squeeze bottle seemed harmless enough, but to do that, the Americans saw fit to change the recipe.


I had an Australian friend that introduced me to Kraft's Vegemite 25 years ago. I suffered buying Marmite through the years. Soooooo not the same. Vegemite is the way to go. This brand is delish! Love the tube idea. Friendly foodie warning: Vegemite is an acquired taste. If you like salty and earthy, than go for it.


Let us know on Facebook. I thought Vegemite was banned in the USA! In October 2006, the Herald Sun in Melbourne incorrectly reported that Vegemite had been banned in America. The US Food & Drug Administration as well as US Customs and Border Protection have both reassured the public that there is no ban on Vegemite in America! Great with ...


If so, you may be wondering: Where can you find Vegemite in the U.S.? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get that salty spread — even delivered to your door. Everyone’s first one-stop shop Amazon sells the yeast extract in sizes from a small tube of concentrate to the two-pack family size. Prime delivery can bring that malty umami ...