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The easiest way to connect a VCR, DVD player or Blu-ray device to a television is to connect it directly with composite, High-Definition Multimedia Interface or component cabling. Another option is to attach the device to one already connected to the television.


All VCRs that feature RCA outputs, most commonly colored red, white and yellow, allow for hooking up any standard DVD player. There are caveats whether sound and picture transfers through the VCR, however, as there are several anti-piracy measures built into every DVD player.


The Toshiba DVR620 DVD recorder VCR rombination, Hammacher Schlemmer DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination and Funai ZV427FX4 DVD recorder/VCR combo are some good DVD recorders and VCR combos. The Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK DVD recorder/VCR combo with HDMI and LG RC897T DVD recorder/VCR combination are also go


As of 2015, Toshiba is the only manufacturer that sells DVD/VCR TV combo units. The Toshiba MW TV series comes in a variety of sizes and is available at select retail stores and primarily online.


Work began on the predecessor of the video cassette recorder (VCR), known as the videotape recorder (VTR), in 1952, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The project was developed by the Ampex Corporation; Charles Ginsburg, known as the "father of the video cassette recorder," and


To use a JVC VCR and DVD combination recorder, first insert a VHS tape and recordable DVD disc. Holding the VHS button for two seconds activates the device’s recording feature. The One-Touch Expert Dubbing feature automatically skips any unwanted blank space on the tape from being recorded. The devi


Depending on the model of the television and VCR, there are multiple options available to connect them together. By using red, white and yellow RCA cables, you can carry the video and audio to the TV, and an additional coaxial cable can be used to send a signal to the VCR.


A DVD player, a VCR and a satellite receiver can be connected to a TV in three basic configurations, including connecting each device directly to the TV, connecting the DVD player and VCR to the satellite receiver which is connected to the TV, or connecting all three devices through an audio-visual


To connect a VCR to a computer, use a USB 2.0 capture device and a 3.5-millimeter mini stereo phone plug to RCA jack adapter combined with a RCA jack stereo cable. This captures video and audio from the VCR and transmits them to the computer.


The major component needed to connect a VCR to a PC in order to digitally capture old VHS tapes is a video capture device. The video capture device may come in the form of a TV tuner card or a USB capture device; the latter is the more common method.