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Vaseline is good for helping tattoos not to dry out. It is a protectant, but not a nourishing cream such as A&D Ointment or Aquaphor.


Vaseline is used to remove false eyelashes, to help insert earrings, as a highlighter for cheekbones, to soothe cracked heels and to define lashes, states Allure magazine. Vaseline is also used to tame eyebrows, moisturize the face, prevent uneven absorption of spray ta...


Medicated Vaseline contained phenol, an early antiseptic, and was also known as Carbolated Vaseline. The production of Medicated Vaseline was discontinued by the Pond's company in the 1970s.


Vaseline petroleum jelly is an effective skin care product for cuts, burns, hydration and protection. Dab Vaseline on minor cuts to protect the skin, or slather it on the feet at night underneath socks.


Tattoo aftercare includes allowing proper healing, keeping the tattoo clean, preventing infection, and preventing warping or color loss. Once you leave the tattoo parlor, you are responsible for the care of your tattoo.


When used in addition to regular face washing and moisturizing, Vaseline can be good for a person's face. Unlike some oils and heavier moisturizers, it is noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog pores. Vaseline is also an emollient, so it's very effective at soothing ...


According to About.com, petroleum jelly, which is found in Vaseline, contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from unrefined petrolatum that are considered to be carcinogenic. While Vaseline contains this product, Dr. Alan Dattner of Huffington Post states that all the...