EBay contains 4,101 listings for antique bottles, as accessed on November 25, 2015, with auction values ranging from $0.99 to $3,400.00. There are so many different types of "old glass bottles" with widely disparate degr... More »

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Some older glass bottles from brands similar to Pepsi sell for up to $1,000, but bottle values vary widely. The value of a particular bottle depends on its age, color and condition, as well as the city in which it was bo... More »

The value of old milk bottles depends on a number of factors including shape, condition and rarity. The LoveToKnow and Collectors Weekly websites provide photographs and general guidelines to help determine value. More »

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Because old glass medicine bottles are similar to wine bottles, they can be recycled in similar ways. Use old medicine bottles as vases or candle holders. With enough bottles, a lighting fixture can be created. Like a ch... More »

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Old glass bottles are reusable as mounted vases, torches or newspaper holders. Designers collect these bottles to form decorative vessels for use in homes and offices. With the help of a few tools, home owners also repro... More »

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Factors involved in the value of old bottles vary. Rare bottles may fetch higher prices, while bottles that exist in abundance are seldom worth more than their material value. Other important factors include color, condi... More »

The value of an antique stoneware pickle crock can be estimated by checking through completed online auction listings or by asking an antiques dealer that sells similar crocks. The value of any single crock depends upon ... More »