A 1945 Canadian nickel will vary in value based on its condition, scarcity, supply and demand, errors and varieties, but the average price range in 2014 was from $.13 to $1,900. Canadian coins are set on a grading scale ... More »

At 2014 pricing levels, a 1903 nickel is worth between $1.34 and $53, depending on its condition, according to CoinStudy.com. Coin collectors use a scale of good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated to grade the condit... More »

According to CoinTrackers, the 1955 Jefferson D nickel carries a value of $.85 to $1.35 as of 2014. Unmarked 1955 Jefferson nickels range from $1 to $2.65 or more, depending on their condition. More »

Estimate the value of a 1913 Buffalo nickel by determining the condition of the coin, its mint mark and other major attributes and by consulting a price guide such as Coinflation.com or Cointrackers.com. Determine the me... More »

A United States $1 bill with a blue seal on it is called a silver certificate and ranges in value from face value for common varieties in normal condition up to $150 for a particular type of 1928 bill in excellent condit... More »

According to About.com, a 1946 nickel's value depends on whether it was minted in San Francisco or Denver and whether it has been circulated. A 1946 nickel that hasn't been circulated is worth between $2.20 and $2.80. More »

The value of a U.S. 1937 Indian buffalo nickel ranges between $1.75 to $45. There is a very rare error in this coin in which the buffalo has only three legs. This error is worth upwards of $5,000. More »