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Now, let’s get to what you came here for — to see the 1921 silver dollar value!… What Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth? Now that you’ve seen the differences between the 2 main types of silver dollar coins and you know which one you have, you’ll be able to figure out how much your 1921 silver dollar is worth.


Top Quality 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Value Special in many ways, the coin pictured is one of the finest survivors of all the 1921 silver dollars minted at the Denver mint. Of the over 20 million struck, this coin is one of just an elite few this nice.


An uncirculated 1921 silver dollar is worth about $32 to $35 and up. A coin of that denomination in good condition is worth about $26 to $27. The silver value is about $21 as of July of 2014.


All have a minimum value of . $18.01 with many rare date and mintmark combinations far exceeding the base silver value. Determine how much your old Peace dollars are worth. Silver Dollar Values and Your Collectible Coins Check all your silver dollar values with the coin value chart. Early dollars are scarce and highly valued.


An uncirculated coin is priced the highest, with values that can double that of a merely 'good' rating. Many different dollars can be found, with the 1921 D Morgan Silver Dollar being just one example. You can find many variations of the coin on eBay. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar makes a great addition to any collection.


CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar value at an average of $31, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $130. (see details)...


The 1921 Morgan Silver dollar has numismatic or collector value, meaning these Silver dollars have a higher premium price than Silver bars that are purchased for investments. The value of the Morgan dollar, unlike Silver bullion coins or bars, is based on Silver content plus the 1921 Morgan Dollars’ popularity and rarity. All Silver coins ...


Coin values for the 1878-1921 Silver Morgan Dollar are updated with the live silver price. Collectible and numismatic values are also updated on a frequent basis. The highest mintage for any Morgan coin is the 1921 silver dollar.


1921 Peace Dollars were only produced at the Philadelphia mint. 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Values. The 1921 Morgan Dollars had some of the highest mintages of the series, with tens of millions of coins produced. As a result, these dollar coins are fairly affordable in most grades.


Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1921) Produced for more than 40 years, the Morgan Silver Dollar was in circulation longer than any other. Heralded as boasting the best of all the Silver Dollar designs, the Morgan was an immediate hit with US citizens when it was released back in 1878.