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The obituary section of the Valley News Dispatch contains death notices and short biographies of the deceased for the Alle-Kiski Valley area of Western Pennsylvania. According to the website, the Valley News Dispatch newspaper is owned and run by Trib Total Media, which...


An obituary is a published editorial article informing the public that a person died and providing some biographical information about the deceased individual. Obituaries are common in local newspapers, although major national newspapers do publish obituaries of notable...


If you are looking for an obituary for someone who has died recently and locally, you can check your local newspaper's obituary section. If you want to search by name for someone's obituary, there are several websites that you can use, such as Legacy.com, Genealogy.com ...


Jamestown's "The Post-Journal" newspaper and several area funeral homes publish obituaries online for people in Jamestown, New York. Chautauqua County's other daily newspaper, "The Observer" in Fredonia, also publishes some obituaries for the Jamestown area.


The Daily Oklahoman website lists current obituaries for the previous two to three days for local residents and celebrities. The rest of its obituaries are provided in conjunction with Legacy.com on their website, and they go as far back as 2001.


The obituary section of a newspaper is a segment that contains recent publications of death announcements. Often accompanying the death notices are short biographies about the deceased.


Most newspapers have an Obituaries section where readers can find death notices, information about surviving family members, biographical information and other details about a person's life and death. However, not all deaths are reported in the Obituaries section.