How to determine the part number of a V Belt with only a tape measure and ... Compare your measurements to the image below to determine the series of belt.

If you measure the outer circumference, then you would subtract the number of inches based on the section you have (Listed below) to obtain the v belt number.'s/Form_9806E.pdf

STEP 1 - Identify The Cross Section. V-belt cross sections can be identified by their top width and depth dimensions. For example, a v-belt with a top width of ...

V-Belt Sizing and Selection Guide. Belt Type. Top Width Height. Belt Inside. Angle (°) ... Knowing the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) numbers from the.

Read the next characters on the fan belt. These should be numbers, not letters or a combination of the two. These numbers represent the outside length of a fan ...

Example: 5/8” top width 5VX belt with 80” O.C. equals 5VX800 V-Belt. ... first two digits of industry standard number. Belt length is to the nearest tenth of an inch.

How to Identify a V-belt ... out V-belts but after a few years of running, all the numbers on it are worn off. ... Note that some cross-sections are very close in size .

Search by Belt Length & Width ... Part number/Buyer's Guide# ... Dayco entered the lawn and garden belt manufacturing industry to provide the robust coverage needed with today's long list of lawn and ... 1650 Research Drive, Suite 200

based on the drive size (see pg. 18). 6 Find the number of belts required by dividing the design horsepower by the belt/HP listed in the table. 7 Verify the validity ...

... replacement you need. At we sell the top brands in many sizes. ... Enter your v-belt number to find your replacement belt. Search: Search.