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The acronym "USPS" refers to the United States Postal Service. It has been in existence since July 26, 1775, when the Second Continental Congress created it. Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General of the United States.


USPS is an acronym for the United States Postal Service. Other names include the Post Office, U.S. Mail or the Postal Service. The USPS is an independent agency that is held responsible for delivering postal service.


USPS Media Mail is a shipping service offered by the United States Postal Service used to send educational materials at a lower cost than other shipping methods. Media Mail materials can include books, CDs or movies that have an educational purpose.


A USPS tracking number is a series of numerals allocated to individual parcels by the United States Postal Service to keep a record of where parcels are once they are shipped. A USPS tracking number consists of 22 numerals.


In general, the United States Postal Service offers cheaper rates than UPS for mailing letters and shipping packages. However, for large packages and certain types of express service, UPS is the cheaper option.


The United States Postal Service requires applicants for many of its positions to pass employment aptitude exams to qualify. These positions include rural and city carrier, mail processor and mail handler. None of these exams test subjects for factual knowledge, according to Education.com.


It is possible to refuse mail delivered through the United States Postal Service. The refusal may be possible even after the letter or package has been delivered. Certain items, such as certified letters, are not eligible for refusal.


When a package is in transit with USPS, it means that the delivery is currently traveling through the postal transportation network. USPS Tracking, a free service, can display the last known location of a package within the USPS system.


USPS LiteBlue is a U.S. government website designed to function as an employee communications platform for employees of the United States Postal Service. It contains a wealth of information about career development, recognition, products, revenue and service performance.


USPS Priority Mail is expected to reach the recipient in one, two or three business days from the date of pickup, according to USPS. The actual time items take to arrive depends on the origin, drop-off time and destination of the package.