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Job seekers should wait two weeks after applying for a job and then send an e-mail to the hiring manager noting continued interest. The message should state that the candidate is interested in discussing experience and skills and reiterate that the applicant is a good fit for the company.


To check the status of a Capital One credit card application, call the company's credit card customer service line. Many applicants get a response within 60 seconds for their online or over-the-phone applications, explains CapitalOne.com. Other applicants receive Capital One's written decision in th


Immigration case status can be checked online at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website by using the "My Case Status" page, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The service is available in English and Spanish.


Applicants can check on their Medicare applicationsメ status using the status information tool on the official Social Security website. An applicant should wait at least five days after filing an application to check its status.


As of 2015, check the status of a Discover credit card application by visiting the Discover home page and navigating to the Application Status link under the Credit Cards category, states Discover. Enter your social security number and ZIP code and the site returns information about the status of yo


In some cases, credit card applications completed online result in an instant credit approval. Other times, approval requires manual review by a bank employee. The procedure for determining a credit card application status varies from bank to bank.


The process for checking the status of a food stamp application varies by state, but all local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offices can be contacted directly to check the status of an application. Often, the application process can be expedited if the applicant goes to the local SNAP of


Applicants can check the status of their Medicaid application by visiting their state's Medicaid website, calling a local office or scheduling an in-person appointment, states HealthCare.gov. Find centralized information about the program located at HealthCare.gov, and follow hyperlinks on the site


You can check the status of your application for Social Security benefits by going to secure.ssa.gov. When you sign into your account you will be able to find out if a decision has been made regarding your application and what that decision is.


Consumers can check the status of a Capital One card application by contacting the toll-free number or by viewing the instant approval status online at CapitalOne.com. Consumers receive an instant notification of their approval status within as little as 60 seconds after completing the application,