A compound light microscope uses lenses to collect light to view objects on a slide. The microscope magnifies the object so that the smallest structures are visible. More »

The microscope is a device used to view very small objects by magnifying the image. This can be done through optical and non-optical means. More »

The different types of microscopes include compound, dissection, confocal, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). These microscopes vary widely in complexity and design. Many opera... More »

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An electron microscope has a higher resolution than a light microscope, which results in much finer detail of the specimen being viewed. Although an electron microscope can magnify a specimen up to 2 million times, a lig... More »

A light microscope is a popular tool often used in biology to detect small objects through its technology, which employs visible light. People commonly use these types of microscopes to look at bacteria, which can be vis... More »

The parts of a binocular microscope are the eye piece (ocular), mechanical stage, nose piece, objective lenses, condenser, lamp, microscope tube and prisms. Each part plays an important role in the microscope's function. More »

A light microscope uses a focused beam of visible light to magnify objects for observation. It works in a similar way as a refracting telescope but with several minor differences. A telescope uses a large objective lens,... More »