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A biological key, also known as an identification key or a dichotomous key, is a way to classify organisms by giving the classifier two options in each stage until identification occurs. For example, in order to identify the tree, a biological key gives two choices – conifer or broadleaf – with a description of each one.


Apologia Biology: Module 1. ... There were 27 vocabulary words to learn, along with Experiment 1.1 Using a Biological Key. ... We have been using Apologia science for several years and I really love the curriculum. I am a Physical Therapist, with a second major in biology and a minor in chemistry, so science is my favorite subject so I wanted ...

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A classification key that is used to organize living things is also called a biological key. The first use of the process is credited to the fourth-century B.C. scientist and philosopher, Aristotle. Using the dichotomous, two-branch questioning approach, Aristotle began by first asking if the organism did or did not possess red blood.


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A biological key gives the classifier two options when it comes to classifying an organism until the identification of the organism occurs. It is also known as the dichotomous key.


Use a simple classification key to identify an unknown organism SPI 0807.5.1 Links verified 9/20/2014. Classroom Activity: Make a Dichotomous Key - construct a dichotomous key to identify people (or another group of items) in a classroom, using questions based on gender, hair length/color, glasses (or not), clothing color, etc


date: 25.04.2012 Author: acprestee making and using a biological key answers NAME: DATE: PERIOD What is a biological key and how is it used? | ChaCha USING AND MAKING A DICHOTOMOUS KEY (Adapted from Using and Making a Biological Key). the key or try to work backwards, you could get...


Shark&DichotomousKeys&! Dichotomouskey! /daɪˈkɒtəməs/! 1. akeyusedtoidentifyaplant!or!animal!in!whicheach stage!presentsdescriptionsof!two!distinguishing!


The identification of biological organisms can be greatly simplified using tools such as dichotomous keys.It is a written set of choices, e ach involving two statements, that leads to the name of an organism. Scientists use these to identify unknown organisms.