Zinc nitrate is commonly used in the manufacture of inorganic zinc compounds ranging from catalysts to pigments and mordant in dyeing. This compound is also used in the manufacturing of medicines. Zinc nitrate solution i... More »

Zinc sulfate's primary uses are in reducing zinc deficiencies in humans, plants and animals. Many medicines are made from zinc sulfate for use in both humans and animals, and it is a primary component in many fertilizers... More »

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Zinc supplements are used to treat zinc deficiency that sometimes occurs in people with severe diarrhea, cirrhosis of the liver, or absorption disorders, according to WebMD. Zinc supplements are also sometimes needed fol... More »

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Nickel acetate is used as a mordant in the textile industry, a solution for electroplating nickel, a catalyst for hydrogenation and a sealer for anodized aluminum. Nickel acetate serves as an intermediate chemical for ot... More »

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The iodine solution works as a mordant that makes the stain more more prominent and the crystal violet dye become more tightly bound to the bacterial cell. Adding iodine solution or potassium chloride is the second step ... More »

Chromatography is used to study plant pigment by extracting pigments from the plant and then sorting them by their physical characteristics so they can be analyzed. Chromatography is useful in separating different types ... More »

Adding water to urine dilutes the pigments urine contains, which lightens the color. Urine generally contains only urea, amino acids and other waste products that are not highly reactive with water. More »

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