The formula for sodium chloride is NaCl. Sodium chloride is commonly known as salt and contains an equal measure of both sodium and chloride. Salt is manufactured by evaporating saltwater from wells or by mining salt roc... More »

The main use of sodium chloride eye drops is for corneal edema caused by some eye conditions, including Fuchs corneal dystrophy. When there is swelling in the cornea, it may be due to excess fluid buildup. A hypertonic s... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Sodium in its metallic form is used to make esters and other important organic compounds. In its gaseous form, sodium is used in sodium-vapor street lamps. Sodium ions in the human body transmit electric impulses and hel... More » Food Food Facts

In a molecule of sodium chloride, which has the chemical formula NaCl, there are two atoms: one atom each of sodium and chloride. Sodium chloride is an ionic compound formed by the reaction of the metal sodium and the no... More »

Table salt, or sodium chloride, is formed by the ionic bonding of sodium and chlorine molecules, which join together in a cube shape. No matter how large or small the salt crystals are, they always form cubes. More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

The chemical formula for salt is NaCl. Salt consists of one atom of sodium combined with one atom of chlorine. The scientific name for salt is sodium chloride. More »

strongNaCl is an inorganic compound and is the chemical formula for sodium chloride, which is commonly known as salt or table salt. Inorganic compounds do not contain carbon and are made of two or more elements other tha... More »