According to the World Coal Association, the primary uses of coal are in electricity generation, the creation of liquid fuel, the production of steel and cement manufacturing. There are two primary types of coal, thermal... More »

The coal formation process takes millions of years. The coal in use today started to form over 300 million years ago as living trees, ferns and other types of plant material. Coal is a nonrenewable resource because the t... More »

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Limestone's most common use is as a crushed construction material, serving as a base for roads and ballast in railroads, but it also combines with crushed shale in a kiln to make cement and serves as an aggregate materia... More »

Gypsum is used in a wide range of applications, including drywall, soil conditioning, plaster of Paris and Portland cement. The primary ingredient in drywall is gypsum. Without gypsum in Portland cement, there is no time... More » Science Earth Science Geology

Perlite has a variety of industrial uses as an ingredient in the manufacturing of construction and masonry materials, and as a soil additive in horticultural applications. It is also used as a filtering agent in commerci... More » Science Earth Science Geology

Coal is used as fuel for power plants generating electricity, when heating structures and in the steel manufacturing process. Many important substances are also made from the by-products of burning coal, including those ... More »