A cell of tomato pulp contains cytoplasm, which is a viscous material that contains the cell's organelles. These organelles include chloroplasts, mitochondrion and ribosomes. The cell is surrounded by a rigid cell wall t... More »

Eukaryotic cells are advanced cells that have, at minimum, a cellular membrane surrounding cytoplasm, a cytoskeleton and membrane-covered organelles. More advanced eukaryotic cells also contain a nucleus that protects ge... More »

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An animal cell contains a nucleus, cytoplasm that contains the various organelles and a cell membrane, also called a plasma membrane. The nucleus is the largest of the organelles and governs cell activity. It also contai... More »

To make a 3D plant cell model with play clay, make organelles with clay of different colors, each wrapped in white clay that stands for the cytoplasm. The last two wrapping layers are the membrane and the cell wall. More »

The process of cell division in plants and animals is very similar as regards the replication and separation of the nucleus and other organelles, but the actual process of dividing the cytoplasm differs. In animal cells,... More »

The nuclear membrane in a plant cell surrounds the nucleolus and genetic material found in each cell. Also called the nuclear envelope, it is a complex barrier that separates the nucleoplasm, the fluid inside the nucleus... More »

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The nonliving material that makes up the cell walls of plant cells is cellulose. Cellulose is a type of carbohydrate made up of many glucose molecules. More »